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Nice simple mystery. Believable characters. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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About Chris Forman. Chris Forman. It was a dark and stormy night. Okay, never start a book like that but you can start a life like that. I was born in in the middle of hurricane season.

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Okay if I was born in that makes me. Well the first eighteen years were typical of a teenager growing up in the early 's and I graduated from Valley Central High School in It was a dark and stormy night.

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Well the first eighteen years were typical of a teenager growing up in the early 's and I graduated from Valley Central High School in June of , roughly in the top third of the class. I then went on to Orange County Community College and did so well there that they requested okay demanded that I take some time off from school.

That was in and I took them so seriously that I stayed away for 25 years. A local bar in Middletown. We were married on August 13th , my birthday, and we celebrate our thirtieth anniversary this year. The body outline has been a fixture on television crime shows and in movies for years, and its use continues.

The body outline has been used for laughs in the "Naked Gun" movies and for tears in the new Richard Dreyfuss film "Silent Fall. Every now and then an easily reproduced symbol makes its mark: the peace sign, for instance, or the ubiquitous nose and eyes of Kilroy during and after World War II.

Is the body outline becoming a symbol for this decade, when violent death is a commonplace of urban life? It is either poignant or cartoonish, depending on the context. THE odd thing about the body outline, though, is that it is used by artists and novelists, gag writers and organizers -- everybody but the police. Donald Stephenson, commanding officer of the New York Police Department's crime scene unit, said he can't remember the last time a chalk outline was drawn at a homicide scene.

The police abandoned its use, he said, after many defense attorneys contended the chalk outline tainted evidence from a crime scene. Lieutenant Stephenson often notices that civilians have appropriated the image. Peter De Forest, professor of criminalistics and author of "Forensic Science: An Introduction to Criminalistics," has never taught the technique to his students. De Forest said. In fact, one of my competitors' textbooks has that image on the cover. Fisher said. Another thing you can do with chalk dust is add it to water in a container. It floats. Place paper on top and lift.

It gives a marbled effect.

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Thank you for visiting Dilly-Dali Art! Please check back for a reply to your comment! Chalk Dust Art. Recently we were playing with sidewalk chalk and I noticed. I decided to turn this into a color mixing activity as well as a shape activity. I set out plastic forks, spoons and knives.

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Forks made lovely lines in the dust,. C 's tool of choice was a plastic Play-Doh knife. You can make whatever designs you like. The red and yellow weren't mixing well enough in my opinion,. We experimented with making prints in the raked dust.

I knew it was time to begin cleaning up when the girls started smearing the chalk. The mixed colors really show up when water is added.