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Most house cars did not have external truss rods although most flat cars did. House cars were for the most art constructed using an internal truss style bracing. Perhaps early car manufacturers though truss rods were unnecessary with the truss design. Many also had round roofs and end platforms. Cabooses had not entered the vocabulary yet but the need for a car for the crew was at the forefront. Many old images show this car as a converted house car.

Amenities were few, but from the images we can see the caboose would soon be a reality. All railroads during the time depended on passenger traffic. The Illinois Central continued to run regular passenger service to Cairo and Mound city throughout the war.

Freight Cars

Passenger cars of the time had rounded roofs, roof vents, end-platforms and skirting to try and keep dust off passengers the only fresh air was through an open window. Military passenger trains used equipment that might have been slightly better than stock cars. Many times they were house cars with a few openings cut out.

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The war did see the use of specially fitted hospital cars. I thank you for that!! Also, on those lines, what would you estimate their speed to be? The model railroad is undoubtedly the star in this museum, but there is so much else to see inside the single room display area, covering the entire Railway Express Agency REA building. Original passenger seating modules are located near the door, situated just as expected, close to the exits for the train debarkation points. Glass cases store memorabilia of various railway lines, including Amtrak.

Original dining car accessories, such as linens and silverware, plates, glasses and service trays, are lovely to see and carefully preserved. Telecommunications displays include a centralized traffic control console for routing the trains, signal flags, and conventional telephone equipment. The Meridian rail station began as Sowashee Station, named after a nearby creek. The fields, rich with cotton and corn, surrounded the station, along with sturdy oak trees and towering pine forests.

The railroad crew marked the location.

The train was moving north from the gulf coast town of Mobile, Alabama and headed toward Tennessee, then onward to Ohio. This transport route generated spurts of economic growth as small communities scheduled their deliveries and people gathered to collect and send merchandise and essential supplies.

Civil War Railroads and Models

With the success of the north-to-south routes, the railroad companies developed east and west routes. The Southern Railroad Company decided to establish a railroad line from Vicksburg, Mississippi on the west to Montgomery, Alabama in the east.

However, when funding fell short, the construction stopped. Intended to pass south of Meridian, through other small towns in the area, Mr.

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Lewis Ragsdale offered and provided free land to the railroad in exchange for re-routing the rail line through Meridian, Mississippi. A resourceful leader, Ragsdale is now known as one of the city founders. During the American Civil War, also known as the War of Northern Aggression when south of the Mason Dixon line, Meridian was the location of a Confederate arsenal and a military hospital. The city became the temporary headquarters for state offices when Jackson, the state capital, was under Union attack. Gwyn Goodrow — Writer and blogger with an emphasis on cultural history and textile arts.

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I was looking for a hotel that was close to the Javits Center in New York: clean, comfortable, and affordable. Please log in again. The login page will open in a new window. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. The Model Railroad Display The most remarkable feature in the museum is the model railroad display, where dozens of volunteers work to create detailed models of trains, terrains and commercial enterprises near the railroads.

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