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And why does it matter in the search for ET?

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Kb, which was discovered in , lies light years away from us in the constellation of Leo. It could either be a rocky planet with an extended atmosphere or an icy planet with a high concentration of water in its interior. Sitting in its solar system's habitable region, aka the Goldilocks Zone , Kb is thought to have a temperature of between and 46 degrees Celsius.

To look at the planet's atmosphere, Dr Tsiaras and his colleagues analysed data taken by the Hubble Space Telescope as the planet passed in front of its sun. Different wavelengths of starlight provide clues about the gases present in the upper atmosphere. Not only did they detect traces of water, but their calculations suggest hydrogen and helium may also be present.

Other elements such as nitrogen and methane may also be present, the astronomers said, although they were not detected. Astronomer Jonti Horner of the University of Southern Queensland said the discovery was the first step towards finding smaller Earth-like planets capable of supporting life. K b also orbits a very active star that may blast the planet with radiation, making it much more hostile than our Earth, noted the researchers.

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First-ever discovery of water vapor in habitable-zone planet, an extraordinary comet and more

ABC Science. By Genelle Weule. Kb is about twice the size and eight times the mass of Earth. A potentially habitable super-world has been discovered outside our solar system. Water world key points Key points The planet Kb lies light years away from us in the constellation of Leo Although it has water in its atmosphere and sits in the habitable zone, it is nothing like Earth It is hoped next-generation telescopes will discover truly Earth-like planets in the Goldilocks zone.

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What is the Goldilocks zone What is the Goldilocks Zone? Related articles article Planet-hunting spacecraft embarks on quest to find new worlds. Top science stories. Top Stories Tipping point for world's oceans is in sight, latest UN climate report finds.

The Top 5 Places We Could Colonize In Our Solar System - Answers With Joe

ACT the first Australian jurisdiction to legalise personal cannabis use. It would take the fastest computer 10, years to solve this problem — Google's computer did it in seconds. Given the high level of activity of its red dwarf star, Kb may be more hostile than Earth and is likely to be exposed to more radiation. Another of the researchers, Dr.

Warm welcome: finding habitable planets

This is not only because super-Earths like Kb are the most common planets in our Milky Way, but also because red dwarfs — stars smaller than our sun — are the most common stars. ARIEL is expected to launch in and will observe 1, planets in detail to get a truly representative picture of what they are like. An interstellar comet!

sedoconme.tk A newly discovered comet has excited the astronomical community this week because it appears to have originated from outside the solar system. The first, 'Oumuamua, was observed and confirmed in October For perspective, the moon is about , miles from Earth.

He then worked with the NASA-sponsored Minor Planet Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to estimate the comet's precise trajectory and determine whether it originated within our solar system or came from elsewhere in the galaxy. The comet is currently million miles from the sun and will reach its closest point, or perihelion, on Dec.

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That's the plane in which the Earth and planets orbit the sun. Astronomers will continue collect observations to further characterize the comet's physical properties size, rotation, etc. Metro Detroit weather: Shower chances Wednesday Weather. Detroit police open investigation after woman murdered while paramedics were in home News. Construction projects could come to standstill if no deal is reached on state budget News.

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