Harmony/Disharmony of the Gospels

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Exercise of coercive power over other people.

Gospel harmony

We do well to notice the sequence of events immediately following the eating of the fruit. Prior to that moment, we are told, God regularly joined Adam and Eve in the Garden, reflecting the closeness and mutuality of this relationship in its created intent. Then, after the fruit is eaten, God, as normal, seeks to commune with Adam and Eve. And they hide. They are afraid. To the contrary, the step away from the previous intimacy comes from the human side.

They now are afraid; God remains the same. God still seeks intimacy. God certainly at times is portrayed as angry, judgmental, harshly retributive. God continually seeks out human beings to offer fellowship and a chance for healing — and time after time, with some key exceptions, human beings respond with fearfulness, anxiety, decisions to distance themselves from God. According to this initial picture, the problem between human beings and God primarily rests on human fearfulness.

Certainly, we see God exercising judgment here in Genesis three — in the sense of allowing actions to reap effects. Adam and Eve face severe consequences for their action. However, even more, God expresses mercy. Contrary to what seemed to have been implied in Genesis , Adam and Eve are not killed. They are allowed to live.

Scripture for Family Harmony

They are given time and space. Genesis, chapters one through eleven, teaches that there is always room for a future with God. They refused to live consistently as creatures and to recognize that only God is God. This refusal led to their breaking of their trusting relationship with God. When God comes to walk with them, they hide. The result for them, and for all who have followed them, has been struggle, alienation, and brokenness.

The story from Genesis is a troubling account of these two brothers, Abel and Cain. We receive no justification for it; actually not even a hint of a justification. The key in both places is may be that each symbolizes the challenge God gives us to recognize our finitude and dependence along with our power. Each limitation also symbolizes the struggle human beings have in accepting our limits and our need to trust that only God is God and that consequently our responsibility is to defer to God.

From the perspective of the story, the requirement placed on Cain is seen as fundamental, arbitrary as this may seem to us. The big issue in the first part of chapter four turns on how Cain will respond to bumping up against these seemingly arbitrary limitations. In particular, Cain is alienated from Abel, whose sacrifice was accepted.

Harmony/Disharmony Of The Gospels By Dr. James P. Dawson

God appears to be challenging Cain to be reconciled with his brother. It is as if God says, the point here is not the justice of my acceptance or rejection of the sacrifices, the point is how you, Cain, will respond to having your limits made clear to you. Will you trust, even when it is hard, or will you insist on your own autonomy and seek to be a god yourself, with the power over life and death?

Cain gives in to his anxiety, fearfulness, and frustration. He murders his brother. The lost harmony leads to heightened anxiety and fearfulness.


Cain bumps up against his limits and responds not with trust but with violence. The spiral of violence is set loose. For our purposes in this book, considering the biblical story as an entirety as a resource for Christian pacifism, this story has enormous significance. Oxford Scholarship Online requires a subscription or purchase to access the full text of books within the service. Public users can however freely search the site and view the abstracts and keywords for each book and chapter.

The Super Gospel, by Robert C Ferrell (ENTIRE BOOK -- Over 16 Hrs o_O ENJOY!!!!!)

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All Rights Reserved. OSO version 0. University Press Scholarship Online. Sign in. For instance, he knows that if he can cause parents to quarrel with each other, their children may well follow the example.

He knows that if parents show little respect for each other, so will their children. He knows that children mirror the actions of their parents. He also knows that his greatest effort to block the work of the Lord must be in the home. Unfortunately, it is here where he enjoys his greatest success, first by destroying family relationships and then by destroying the family unit.

I. Walk in another's shoes (v. 8a)

He is using many devious means to accomplish his purpose. Many are the homes that do not recognize his ofttimes silent enroachment into their happiness and security.

Disharmony of the Gospels

Families are stumbling and falling because of its hobbling and crippling effect. This tool of Satan is called contention. We read in Mosiah:. From the scripture we see that King Benjamin points out in a very positive way how we can help our children, for he said we shall teach them truth, teach them soberness, teach them to love one another, and teach them to serve one another. Fathers and mothers, may I remind you that we are always teaching. The home should be the great workshop of the Lord.

Here is where children must be taught to walk in ways of truth and soberness, of love and service to each other. Few of us realize how very pliable and teachable children are in their primary years of life. How quick they are to pick up parental habits and traits and teachings!

May I suggest that as parents we must require more of ourselves. May I suggest that we give more of ourselves, that we give more good experiences to our children, experiences that are love-producing and family-solidifying. Whether the times we give are measured in minutes or hours is not as important as what we do in them. It may be a day in the hills or a three-minute phone call from the office at midday.

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It may be a clever love note to a little girl or a night out to a ball game with a boy. It can even be the experience of a family home evening. It can even be the experience of a family learning to pray together and reading the scriptures together and fasting together. We must expand our thinking on ways to develop happy children.