Hurricane Katrina

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This webpage contains historical data and information on all public schools in New Orleans over the last ten years and is organized by topic. Topics include summary analyses, detailed school- and district-level data, and links to relevant reports, media releases, and articles.

To learn more about the performance of the Recovery School District schools specifically in the above areas, click here.

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For more information, please contact us. In the ten years since Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans has seen its public school enrollment return to more than two-thirds its pre-storm level.

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Nearly all students are enrolled in charter schools and the student population continues to be overwhelmingly African-American and eligible for free or reduced lunch. In recent years there has been some increase in racial and socioeconomic diversity. Please click here for an analysis of enrollment trends, including a closer look at charter school growth and demographic changes over the last 10 years.

For more information, data files and other resources are provided below.

Academic outcomes for public school students in New Orleans as measured by standardized tests and school performance scores have improved significantly in the ten years since Hurricane Katrina. Once near the bottom in performance statewide, New Orleans students are closing the achievement gap with their peers. Please click here for an analysis of student and school performance, including information on student proficiency rates, school performance scores, and district performance scores. Beginning in , the scale and methodology for calculating School Performance Scores and letter grades changed.

The new scale moved from 0 to to 0 to New Orleans students now graduate on time at nearly the same rate as the state average and are enrolling in college at an equivalent rate. Please click here for an analysis of high school student performance, including information on school performance scores, student test scores, cohort graduation rates, dropout rates, college enrollment, and TOPS college scholarships.

The analysis includes enrollment, student proficiency rates, and cohort graduation rates. Since Hurricane Katrina, African-American students are seeing high levels of growth in test scores and graduation rates.

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    Hurricane Katrina: Facts, Damage & Aftermath

    Hurricane Katrina Download the report. Top 5 regions by number of business claims. High-value claims include loss of commercial vessels, pleasure craft and cargo. However, storms can also damage or destroy ports or coastal infrastructure, including warehouses, cranes, quaysides, terminals, buoys and sheds. Lessons learned from Katrina. Katrina has helped to improved catastrophe risk management awareness.

    Impact of storm and demand surge, business continuity and insurance coverage details are among the key lessons learned. A decade later the Gulf Coast is better prepared to withstand the effects of a hurricane due to better education, improved construction guidelines and increased third party inspection.

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