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  • Lost Kingdoms by Adam Daigle, Jeff Erwin and Wolfgang Baur (, Paperback) for sale online | eBay?
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Virtual Tabletops. STL 3D Model. Frog God Games. Pay What You Want. See all titles. Publisher Website. Since I'm the GM, I'm sure that I could ultimately sell it but it's not a move that I would make lightly and I definitely don't want to make a switch and then wish to undo it. While all of the Lost Lands content I have currently has been fantastic and the region covered is substantial, it's still just a view of one region of the setting.

I'd need to have a broader view before attempting such a switch. Which is really just a long-way of asking, is the Lost Lands Campaign Setting Kickstarter going to happen this year? If not, I of course have the option of running a different campaign in the Lost Lands in the future The areas that have been mapped and detailed so far are enormous. The area of the Lost Lands that is currently available is about x miles with only a slight gap in the north of unknown land.

Yes, that is twice the size of Europe. I want the Gazetteer as much as anyone else, but that is already a lot of land and information Understood on the scale of the area released thus far.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting - Heaven Unleashed (PFRPG)

We've seen a huge pantheon teased yet a relatively small number of deities influence the Borderland Provinces and Sundered Kingdoms. What about these realms that the crusaders battled within? If I'm going to suggest a switch, I want to be able to draw parallels for my players so that current characters aren't invalidated or have to undergo a huge retcon. Right now, the campaign has been largely limited to a single city and its surrounding area but there are races and backstories that don't quite have an analog in the Lost Lands settings that I have.

It's certainly not a "must have" by any stretch. But if I'm going to propose a redesign of the airplane while it's in the air, so to speak, my comfort level goes way up with a better view of the setting as a cohesive whole, hence my question. It's been a while since I've seen any official announcements, but I'd not expect it until I believe we still have another big KS in between the Blight and the official setting box - Bards Gate. Unless they put out two big kickstarters this year, that is!

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  8. We're expecting to release the campaign setting in It's my main writing project after the development of The Blight and Bard's Gate are completed. It will highlight the continent of Akados, the main location featured in FGG and NG products, but some products have appeared in Libynos and elsewhere so those will be later expansions to the campaign setting--The Lost Lands is a a big world, and we can't fit it all in one product. Dwarven and elven realms will be discussed in the campaign setting, but you can find details on some of the dwarven realms in the upcoming Mountains of Madness.

    The Crusader States are in Libynos, so they won't be featured in the first campaign setting release but will appear in the later Libynos expansion. There will be A LOT of discussion of the many gods we've been teasing, so you'll be able to see whole pantheons and how they fit together as well as discussions of the various cultures that venerate them, how they interact historical timelines of the continent and its significant events, etc.

    Thanks for the update, Greg. Much appreciated! While the GM in me wants all of the books in-hand now, that timeline will likely end up helping in the long run as I won't have to pull an "in-progress" transition from one setting to another. Took advantage of the discount offer, so I have recently ordered Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms, Sword of Air, Borderland Provinces, Tsar, Razor Coast and Cyclopean Deeps 1 - and the more I read the deep background, history and far places, the more I wants to know about things! These books are full of titillating hints and morsels of of information.

    Let alone that old mystery Remes and the West coast. Flipping through the Razor Coast book I found the suggestion on where to place Freeport, and how Razor coast relates to rest of the Lost Lands campaign world, but I am telling you, by now I am fair desperate to get a world map right now!

    And more information! That is to say, you guys at Frog God Games are doing a marvellous job, keep at it! This is gonna be an wonderful and epic world! Harry Potter. Popular Features.

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    New Releases. Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Lost Kingdoms. Notify me. Description Six of the most mysterious and legendary ancient empires from Golarion's past cast a long shadow into the present in this secret-packed new sourcebook. Explore the monolithic, jungle-draped ziggurats of the ancient cyclops ruins of Ghol-Gan, walk among the towering, megalithic ruins of sin-shrouded Thassilon, or seek your fate among the trap-laden pyramid tombs of ancient Osirion, along with three other legendary realms.

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    Each of the six lost kingdoms detailed in this book come rife with adventure hooks, details on ancient treasures, and statistics for the deadly guardians who lurk there still. Other books in this series. Add to basket. Pathfinder Campaign Setting Sean K. Rating details.