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Once those things kind of came to fruition, I chose this name based on [that].

They worked on spaceships and shuttles and things of that nature. I was always magnetized to, hypnotized by, and fascinated with it. Everything around there had an astrological name.

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Everybody sings, everybody plays an instrument, everybody knows somebody in their family who does X, Y, and Z. There are Stevie Wonders in the world and there are Ella Fitzgeralds in the world—those are the folk.

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So my relationship to music was always that of a fan. I remember watching TV and flipping to VH1 Classic and procrastinating on doing homework and picking up a guitar and teaching myself by ear.

1. A Star Child is empathic and aware.

In my heart of hearts, I think that goes for a lot of art forms. My first mixtape is called Rad! He was really interested in me and kind of took me on as a mentorship.

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