The Trident: The Forging and Reforging of a Navy SEAL Leader

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Over the course of eight years, the Iraqi native traveled around the country with nearly every SEAL and special operations unit deployed there.


He went on thousands of missions, saved dozens of SEAL and other American lives, and risked his own daily. Helped to the U. But every word of it is true.

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For the first time ever, a "terp" tells what it was like in Iraq during the American invasion and the brutal insurgency that followed. With inside details on SEAL operations and a humane understanding of the tragic price paid by ordinary Iraqis, Code Name: Johnny Walker reveals a side of the war that has never been told before. The inspiring and thrilling combat memoir of the only Army Ranger serving in direct combat operations with a prosthetic limb.

On October 3, , Kapacziewski and his soldiers were coming to the end of their tour in Northern Iraq when their convoy was attacked by enemy fighters. A grenade fell through the gunner's hatch and exploded, shattering Kapacziewski's right leg below the knee, damaging his right hip, and severing a nerve and artery in his right arm. He endured more than forty surgeries, but his right leg still wasn't healing as he had hoped, so in March , Kapacziewski chose to have it amputated with one goal in mind: to return to the line and serve alongside his fellow Rangers.

One year after his surgery, Kapacziewski accomplished his goal: he was put back on the line, as a squad leader of his Army Ranger Regiment. On April 19, , during his ninth combat deployment and fifth after losing his leg , Kapacziewski's patrol ran into an ambush outside a village in eastern Afghanistan. After a fellow Ranger fell to withering enemy fire, shot through the belly, Sergeant Kap and another soldier dragged him seventy-five yards to safety and administered first aid that saved his life while heavy machineguns tried to kill them.

He had previously been awarded a Bronze Star for Valor—and a total of three Purple Hearts for combat wounds.

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Acclaimed for its vivid, poignant, and honest recreation of sixteen brutal months of nearly continuous battle in the deadly Hindu Kesh, Outlaw Platoon is a Band of Brothers or We Were Soldiers Once and Young for the early 21st century—an action-packed, highly emotional true story of enormous sacrifice and bravery. Lawrence of Arabia meets Sebastian Junger's War in this unique, incendiary, and dramatic true story of heroism and heartbreak in Afghanistan written by a Pulitzer Prize—nominated war correspondent.

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The military's top brass, including General David Petraeus, commander of U. Forces in Afghanistan, approved, and Gant was tasked with implementing his controversial strategy. And then they fell in love. Illustrated with dozens of photographs, American Spartan is their remarkable story—one of the most riveting, emotional narratives of wartime ever published. Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New arrivals.

Narrated by Erik Bergmann 12 hr 22 min.

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Joseph Kapacziewski. Back in the Fight is an inspiring and thrilling tale readers will never forget. Donovan Campbell. Disabled veterans -- United States -- Biography.

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Trident: The Forging and Reforging of a Navy SEAL Leader

Summary "A Navy SEAL's highly-charged account of his combat missions in Iraq and his miraculous recovery from wounds that might have killed him--if it were not for his grit and the devotion of his wife and family" Related Electronic Resources Cover image. You are browsing titles by their Library of Congress call number classification. Information from the Web Learn more about where we find additional information on the web.

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